How to Win Against A Demon


Happiness, Anger, Excitement,Uncertainty,
Sadness, Confusion and Anxiety –
All of us experience these crazy emotions as we constantly try to win the battle against various obstacles each day.

These obstacles may be any of the following – dealing with a bad boss, having an argument with a loved one, having to make important decisions or simply worrying about the future.

No matter what form they may appear in, all of them keep adding to one common six letter demon – stress.

Not only does this demon have the power to turn a good day into a bad one, but it also makes us believe that there is no hope of things getting better anytime soon.

We begin to lose faith and question all our thoughts. We aren’t really sure about what we should do anymore. We may also blame ourselves for things that are beyond our control.In short, we end up feeling miserable!

Sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it? But what if there was a way to avoid it all?A way to keep smiling even when your world seemed to be tearing apart. Life would be so much easier right?

Now the question is, what is that magical mantra? The answer is a simple reminder – “This too shall pass.”

Yes. That’s all you need to remember. Believe it or not, these words have the power to turn things around. To fight the demon. To change that frown into a smile. To give you the hope you need to travel that extra mile.

So spread the word. Share the secret. Remind yourself. Tell others too. Because maybe they had a bad day. Because maybe that’s all they need to hear.

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