To a Place Called Everywhere


“Good morning!” – Luis would wish him every time he saw him water the plants.

And in return, he would always get a bright smile from Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe looked after the garden behind their house. He was old and had a long white beard.

Every day, he would wake up very early in the morning and leave for work, because he lived in a village far away from town. He didn’t have much money, so he would walk the entire way.

“Hello Brother” – This was a warm greeting extended by Mark to Luis every time he passed by. Mark was a 5 year old, who lived on the street. His mother was a maid and his father sold vegetables. He loved reading, but could never buy all the new books that he saw.

“Woof!” –  As soon as Luis would pass by, Kipper would run up to him and lick his hand. Kipper was an adorable beagle with big eyes. But he looked frailer and weaker as days went by. He didn’t really have a home. Nor did he have much to eat. He lived under a thatch of wood lying next to a trashcan.

Luis loved all of them. Watching them suffer made him sad. He wanted to make a difference, but he knew that he couldn’t do much since he was still small. So, he decided to write a letter.

A letter to everywhere. Because that’s where everyone told him that he lived. The one who was the most powerful. The one who made miracles happen. The one everyone prayed to – God. He took a deep breath and began to write-

Dear God,

Thank you for watching over us and taking care of us every day. I know that you have the power to make all our wishes come true. So here I am, sending you my wish list.

  • For Uncle Joe – Uncle Joe is our gardener. He works very hard each day, without complaining. He always answers all my questions and teaches me about the beauty of nature. He always has a smile on his face. But sometimes, I see him holding his knees because they hurt. They hurt because he has to walk a lot to get to town.

         Wish: I wish he had a cycle, so he didn’t have to wake up so early.

  • For Mark – Mark is like my younger brother. And he really wants to read the new book which has just been launched by his favorite author. But he doesn’t have enough money to buy it.

         Wish: I wish he can get it somehow.


  • For Kipper – Kipper is an amazing beagle who always greets me with a warm hug. I love playing with him. He does too. But everyone says that he is getting weaker.

         Wish – I wish he could have a pretty doghouse and lots of food to eat.



He sealed the envelope with the letter inside and put it in the postbox. And what happened the next day was magical.

When he woke up and went outside, he heard the sound of a bell. It was Uncle Joe, riding his new cycle along the street. Then, he saw Mark sitting under a lamp post with a copy of his new book. Finally, Kipper came to him. He looked much healthier. He grabbed Luis’s hand and took him to show his new home. It was “pretty”, just as Luis had mentioned in his letter.

He folded his hands and looked up at the sky.

“Thank you God.” he said with a smile.

His dad watched him from behind a tree. In his hand were all the receipts of the bills he had just paid for – the new cycle, the new book, and the new doghouse and food.

He too folded his hands and prayed.

“Thank you God, for giving me enough to share with others. For giving me a chance to make a difference to someone’s life. For reminding me that you reside in our hearts.”

And with this, Luis’s wishes did come true. His faith grew stronger. And he had discovered where God lived. They were right. He did stay at a place called “Everywhere”. And he hoped that that’s where he would always be.

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