There’s Always A Reason



“It’s time to come home. Can’t wait to see you! ”they had said over the phone.

“Me too”, she had replied.

Finally it was happening. After 4 years of living alone. Facing all the “stuff that always happens” in the big bad world. Coming home after having a bad day and wishing that she had someone to ask her how her day had been. She thought she would never get through it all, but in the end, she made it. She was going back to a place called home, filled with warmth which would comfort her better than the cold walls of the “room she stayed in”.

Of course she was going to miss her workplace, that had ensured that time flied. But it was going to be worth it.

There must be a reason.

What Happened Next

Nothing! That’s the only word which can explain it all. Nothing to look forward to. No friends. No office colleagues. No reason to get up early anymore.

All she did was sit at home and watch the sun rise and set each day.

Everyone had told her that this was all going to lead to a better future. That things would fall in place. That things happen for a reason. But it had been 6 months, and her faith had started to dwindle.

Maybe there isn’t a reason at all


A Happy Ending

“CONGRATULATIONS!” they said to her. But this time it wasn’t over the phone. The wish was followed by a warm hug.

It made her feel alive. As if it was all that she had ever wanted.

She had just got the news that her application for a job at the most prestigious MNC had been accepted. The blog she had launched was getting popular day by day. She was getting famous.

Her new workplace was amazing. She made new friends. Time started to fly again. Her faith had been restored. In fact, it had grown more powerful than ever before.

She recalled the times when she used to question things. Today she had found an answer to all those questions. She had begun to believe.

“There’s always a reason” – Let no one tell you differently!

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