Bird In A Cage


I would wake up every day as soon as the sun would rise, silently wishing that today would be different. That somebody would understand what I had been longing to say. That I would get a chance to move beyond the barriers of my 24 x 24 x 24 inch cage. That somehow, the door would magically open, and remain so forever.

I sat there in silence, swinging on the perch of wood that had been my only companion since I first began to live in misery. I was waiting for them to come. Waiting for them to listen. Waiting with new found hope. Waiting to witness a miracle.

And as soon as it was noon, they arrived. In large groups of 15 and 30. The men were busy talking over the phone about important business matters, the children watched me with their innocent eyes, and the women kept on saying that I was adorable. It made me feel really special for one particular reason – I was able to make them happy, able to offer them something which was worth watching. I was able to make a difference to their lives, even though I was behind those rusty bars.

Just like every other day, I always made sure I danced around in that nasty cage. Not because it made me feel any better, but only because so many people asked me to. They asked me to repeat whatever they said. To pose with them for a perfect picture, which they wanted to show to their friends. And how could I not make their wishes come true? After all, I knew how it felt when something that you wanted never really happened. It was an awful feeling. And I just couldn’t bear to see anyone feel like that.

People would come and people would go. And before I could realize, another day had ended. Once again, I was disappointed. Sitting on the perch of wood. Wondering why – Why was it so difficult for them to understand? Why could they not feel what I had been feeling since so long? I always made their wish come true, no matter how miserable I felt. Why then, was it so hard for them to do the same for me?

With this, I closed my eyes, which had become moist. I took a deep breath and reignited the candle of hope that I had once lit in my mind. And once again, I sat there waiting. Waiting for the day when I would regain my freedom. Waiting for the day I would soar high. Waiting for that magical moment, when someone would come by and make my wish come true.

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