The Paper Plane

She sat there every night,

Just to catch a glimpse of him

No matter how cold it was,

Or whether the lights were too dim

As she sat there alone,

at her favorite place

The wind blew her hair away,

Revealing her beautiful face

Her eyes- a shade of deep brown

Her smile – one could never forget

And her thoughts a mystery

which hadn’t been solved yet..

That’s all that he could think of,

As he watched her from across the street

“How I wish you could be mine”

he sighed,

“I wish our hearts would meet”

He folded a piece of paper,

And made a little plane

Using a feather and some ink

on it he wrote her name

And all of sudden the wind

started to blow again

Taking with it his gift of love,

And making it soar high in the air

He watched as it went places

As it flew across the same street,

Landing smoothly,

Right next to her feet

She bowed down and lifted

the little plane with her hand,

Wondering where it had come from

And why did it land?

And as she read her name

She looked up in a hurry,

And he walked towards her

Ready to face his destiny

She stood there speechless

As she began to realize

That her wait had come to an end

As he stood right before her eyes..

It was like a fairytale from a book

Right till the end from the start

She had always been his dream come true

And he had already won her heart…

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