Why We Absolutely Love Shopping!

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New footwear– check!

New dress – check!

New pair of jeans – check!

New handbag – check!

And if we were to keep thinking of all the things that we would love to own right now, the list would go on forever.

When it comes to the amount of happiness that shopping gives us, the size of our purchase seizes to matter. Be it something as simple as a hair accessory or as fancy as a pair of six inch stilettos – both leave us smiling at the end of the day.

Spot- try on – take home – that pretty much sums up the process of how we fall in love with our new “future wardrobe” companions.

But buying stuff isn’t the best part. In fact, the reasons why we love doing so are pretty interesting.

“Because we have nothing left to wear”

Everyone can pretty much relate to this one. All of us want to look different each day, and that too literally. Sooner or later, we start feeling that our wardrobe just doesn’t have enough to offer – even though it may be overflowing with clothes!

“Because we just HAVE to check out the new outlet that opened up”

A branch of our favorite store just opened up in the mall nearby. We must go and see how it looks. Maybe it has better things to offer.


“Because we love sales!”

Whenever we read a banner which says “50% off”, the excitement builds up automatically. Also, we develop a very strong competitive spirit, which induces us to go and buy something at half the price before someone else can get their hands on it.

“Because it makes us feel confident”

Admit it, whenever we wear our latest purchase and go out, we love flaunting it and getting compliments. Not only does it make us feel like we are on top of the world, but it also gives a big boost to our confidence.

“Because it has the power to turn any bad day into a good one”

No matter how rough the day has been or how awful you may be feeling, shopping is the cure! It ends up making you feel much happier and more positive than ever before.

A simple activity that works like magic – SHOPPING.

Amazing, isn’t it? What a powerful weapon to beat all of life blues.


Grab your bag. Buy what you love. Don’t let anyone stop you. Lift your weapon.

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