A Different Kind of Beautiful

women eyes sunlight smiley face tagnotallowedtoosubjective reflections 1685x1168 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_19

Beauty – a word often associated with the perfect body, amazing hair, mesmerizing eyes and fair color.

But she wanted to be a different kind of beautiful.

With eyes that someone could look at and see the truth. With a face that was a reflection of her heart, and conveyed all her feelings. With a mind wise enough to see right from wrong. With the confidence to see each day as a new opportunity to make a difference to someone’s life. With a smile that could give someone a reason to smile too, or maybe smile for no reason at all. With a voice which could be heard among the myriad of voices in the crowd. With the humbleness to never forget that money mattered, but it should never define whether other people mattered or not.

That’s what beauty meant to her. That’s all she wanted to be like.

Nothing else mattered. Not the body, not the shiny hair, not the blue eyes or the glowing face.

She wanted to be beautiful. But of a different kind.


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