The Big Blue Box


Just a few more days and then, he would be gone for a long time. His idol, his mentor and his best friend – his elder brother.

He had just finished school and was now going to college, someplace faraway. That would mean less of the fun outings to mall, the important conversations about life, and no more movie nights.

The thought of it all ending so suddenly made him sad. However, he had heard his parents saying that they felt really proud and his brother would be a successful young man soon.

That had made him feel much better.

As the days passed by, he kept thinking hard about what he should gift his elder brother. Something that he would want to keep forever. Something that would help him when he had to deal with the “things that happen in life”.

After a while the idea struck him, and he got to work. It was the night before his brother was going to leave.

The little boy decided to go and reveal his surprise. He picked up his present and ran towards the room where everyone was.

As soon as he entered, they turned around in awe. What laid before them was a giant box, wrapped beautifully in silver and blue. Here’s what it said-

“THE BIGGEST GIFT BOX, for my brother Tom.”

Dear Big Brother,

I know that dad is going to gift you a new car, and mom is going to buy you a new phone. But since I am still little, I can’t get you stuff like that. I know that you are going to face the big bad world now. Although I cannot go out there with you, I know that these things will always help you to face it all. Here’s why I think so.

Diary – Pirates used a treasure chest to keep priceless stuff. Think of this as yours – one that you can store all your memories in.

Pen – Whenever important stuff happens in life, and you want to remember it forever, make sure you write it down with this pen.You can tell me all about it later.

Pencil – I know we all make mistakes. Big ones sometimes. Nobody’s perfect. So every time you’re not sure of something, make sure you use this – because you can always erase it. And nobody will get to know.

Candle- If you ever feel afraid of the dark, you can light this up to make things all bright again. The bad feeling goes away. It works, I swear!

Pillow- When you study really hard and get tired, and you miss us being around – Hold on to this and sleep, and you will definitely feel much better the next day.

I really wish you could stay a little longer. And I am really sad. But I can always call you. And we can talk like we do. I will miss you very much. And I know you will miss me too.



By the end of reading this, Tom had tears in his eyes. He hugged his little brother and said – “I promise to be there for you little one. Always and forever.”

That’s the kind of promise we should all make to our brothers and sisters. And we should always remember to keep them.

Because distance never matters when you care for someone.

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