The What, How and When of Life


“12th is important. Study hard. Once you score well and get into a good college, everything will be great!”

“You’re almost done with college. Start applying for interviews. I’m telling you, once you get a good job, your future will be secure.”

“Nowadays everyone has a master’s degree. Start preparing for CAT/MAT/XAT/SNAP/GMAT. Or else, you’ll never be able to survive in the competitive world!”

“Now you’ve finished MBA. Time to think about settling down. I have a proposal in mind. You should consider it.”

Do these statements sound familiar?

I’m sure you can relate to at least one of the above scenarios. This is a classic example of how we pre-program ourselves to accept a ready made blue-print of the what, how and when of life.

From the time we are about to finish school till the time we settle down, we keep trying to achieve these goals. All the effort just to believe that we are living an ideal life, in which everything is carefully planned and perfectly timed.

And during the course of finishing each step as we are expected to, we somewhere tend to give in to the endless pressure of trying to be someone perfect.

Yes, this course of action is a sure-shot path of being successful in the materialistic sense. However, there’s something we sometimes fail to realize-

There is no end to the number of “should do’s” on the ladder leading to “somewhere”. And that somewhere can never be the same for everyone.

At times, things may not even work out the way we expect them to.

Why then do we let the society take the decision of what we should pursue (based on what everyone is doing), how we should prepare ourselves (crazy study schedules we should follow because somebody else’s child scored really well on an exam) or when we should take thing to the next level (the right age to get married and have kids).

Shouldn’t we be the boss when it comes to our past, present and future?

Some people choose to sit back and relax. Others dare to experiment, in a constant endeavor to get the most out of whatever they can.

They may not end up with a lot of money like the former group, but the feeling of accomplishment that they carry in their heart is priceless.

That’s the kind of feeling we should all try to get.

All of us have two choices before us-

Either let someone rule your life or take charge and make your own rules.


Be a follower, or be a leader.

The choice is yours to make.




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