Are You Ready?


Just like every single morning, he woke up early and went for fishing with his dad. After walking for a few miles, they finally reached the riverside and sat at their favorite spot.

It was a beautiful sight – crystal clear water flowing effortlessly and carrying along with it little creatures of all colors ; golden , black and white.

This was the time when both father and son chatted about everything they wanted to.

“Dad. Everyone says that life is not easy. That we have to be prepared to face stuff. I’m scared. How will I know that I am ready?”

“That’s a great question son.”, he replied. ” Its easy. Do you see those fish swimming happily in the water?, he asked.

“Yes.”, he replied.

” Now pick up a stone and throw it inside.”.

The boy did as he was told. Immediately, the fish moved away and scattered in different directions.

He didn’t understand.

The next day, he did the same, but nothing changed. He kept repeating this for the next few days, his mind puzzled.

After a week, something unusual happened. As soon as he threw the stone into the river, the fish didn’t move away. Instead, they remained still till it sank to the bottom.

“They aren’t afraid anymore!”, exclaimed the boy.

“Exactly son. Initially they were afraid just like you are. But when they decided to face their fear, they were able to move past it. The day you can do the same, you will be ready.”

The boy smiled. He finally knew what he had to do.

Life is full of obstacles. Don’t let them stop you.

Let go of fear. Accept the challenge. Decide to face it . Decide to win.

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