The Beauty of Believing


A 5 year old eagerly puts a letter in the sock hanging above the fireplace, hoping that Santa would read it and leave a gift for him. A teenager writes all her dreams in a diary, wishing that someone would happen to read it and make them come true. An old man sits on a bench each day and greets every passerby, silently wishing that one day somebody would look back at him and smile.

A miracle – that’s exactly what everyone always waits for. Some believe that such things do happen, while others consider it as crazy imagination. Whatever the case may be, the truth is that all of us pray to witness one at some point in our lives. No matter how “practical” we are, we are never really able to do away with the feeling of hope.  This may be associated with certain people, objects or events.

Think about this. What if that little boy never got his gift? What if that someone never read the teenager’s diary? What if nobody ever noticed the man who sat all alone every day?

It would lead to a “sad ending”. And nobody would like to face that, right? They would be devastated. They would stop believing. They would lose hope.

Now, consider the other scenario.

The boy’s mother never forgot to buy him all the toys he mentioned to Santa, and always made sure she put them in the magic sock he believed in. Somebody saw how often the teenager wrote in her diary and noticed the sadness on her face. He cared enough to read about her feelings and figure out how to make her happy. The man who always crossed the bench where the old man sat, stopped to spend some time chatting with him each day.

What a “happy ending”!

All of us deep down inside, have a part of the little boy’s excitement in our heart. We share a feeling of never ending faith just like the teenager. We wait for someone to show that they care, just like the old man.

Never let that die. Never give up. Never lose faith.

Be someone’s hope. Care for them. Wait for the right moment. Wait for a miracle.

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