The Waterfall


That leather jacket was lying on the table where she had last met him.It was the same time.The same date.Nothing had changed.

She recalled the moment when she had last seen it on him. When her eyes couldn’t move away. It wasn’t the jacket that made him look different.It was that look in his eyes.

That one last time she had smiled because it felt real. Those precious moments that had now become a memory.

Deep down inside, she held back an ocean of waves. With every passing minute, they kept getting larger. And then, all at once, down came the waterfall.

What came with it was not a pool of sadness, but rather a rainbow of vibrant colors. Each one a sign of whenever she had truly felt alive.

Little by little, the mist in front of her eyes began to clear away. She picked up the jacket and put it on her shoulders, just the way he had done that night when it was too cold outside. And as she did, she silently thanked him from the bottom of her heart. Not for the gesture. Not for the look. Only for the countless memories.

Life is short. Cherish moments.Follow your heart.Create magic.Create a memory.


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