Painting on The Wall


As he finished the last stroke of perfection, he put down his brush and stepped aside. He took a few moments to   look at the masterpiece he had created.

The lines were perfect, the colors were right.Yet, he felt that something was missing. Something that he couldn’t figure out.

The next morning, he decided to try again. However, he failed.

His heart filled with questions and his mind restless, he left the house and went for a walk. On the way, he met a little girl, who was blind. She asked him what the world looked like. He was so touched, that he decided to take her home.

She entered the room where his latest creation laid. Little by little she ran her fingers over the painting, and began to smile.

“Thank you!”..she said. He stood their puzzled.

“You showed me how beautiful the world is. It is a place full of kind people. Those who don’t hesitate to hold my hand and show me the way. Those who make me feel happy. Those who help me see beyond the darkness.”

He stood there in silence. He gazed at the painting. But this time it looked complete. Not just an ocean of colors, but a masterpiece with meaning.

Stop searching for perfection. Be grateful for all that you have

Open your eyes. Open your heart.

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