Story of a Superstar

Balanchine (3)

She peeked outside the curtain,

 To see how many people had come

The number seemed to be huge,

“There must be 100 in here!” shouted someone

She couldn’t believe her eyes, her heart was racing

This was the moment, for which she had been waiting

A matter of a few minutes, and then all would be done,

Secretly she hoped that she would be noticed by someone

She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes for a while,

To remember how he had told her, that she had a beautiful smile

“You’re always going to shine”, was what he had said,

“I love you dad”, she repeated in her head

And as they announced her name,

She opened her eyes and smiled

Nothing was the same

With a stride of confidence, she walked up on stage

And began to do her magic, to amaze

The audience was silent,

All they did was gaze

And at the end, when she took her final stance,

There was a thunder of applause,

Her heart began to dance

She had done it, she was now a super star

“Dad, you must be proud of me”, she said

“No matter where you are!”


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