I’ll be There For You


As they sat there in silence and stared at the sky, all they saw was a limitless blue ocean.

During the day, it sheltered the clouds and gave them a chance to travel wherever they wanted to. During the night, it showcased the beauty of a million stars, and adjusted itself so that they could be seen by all who lived under their cover.

No matter what type of day it was – sunny, windy or stormy; the ocean remained calm. Never did it once complain if there was no rain. Nor did it fear the mighty roar of thunder.

All it did was give meaning to everything else that surrounded it, and never expected anything in return.

Suddenly they looked at each other and smiled. Not because they planned to. Only because they had just realized the true meaning of being with each other. Only because they decided to let go of expectations. Only because they knew that there was so much more to the promise they had made to each other.

And there will always continue to be.

“I’ll be there for you”, he whispered. “I’ll be there for you too”, she said.

With this they stood up and started walking.

Funny how nature can remind us of the simplest secrets to happiness.

Think. Listen. Follow. Respect. Embrace happiness.

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