What Type of People Are You Surrounded By?


Life – one of the most unpredictable journey’s ever! No matter how sure we are about what we are doing, we never know what’s coming up next.

Somedays, luck seems to be completely in our favor, while on others, it just seems as if the day couldn’t have been worse. On one day we feel like we are on top of the world, and on the next we feel as if we have hit the bottom of a pit.

As we face these ups and downs, we also deal with three different kinds of people. Type one consists of those who actually care for you and will always uplift your mood with their positive attitude. Type two are the people who just pretend as if they don’t really know what’s going on , and always say that things will be “okay”. Type three are those who prefer to give their unwanted advice and make you feel much worse than before.

Here’s a little something about each of them –

Type I

If you’re surrounded by such people, consider yourself extremely lucky and blessed from above. Although these well-wishers are very hard to find on this planet, they are keepers. Once they make a decision to be a part of your life, they will always stand by your side, no matter how ugly things get. They let you see the brighter side of life. Treasure them!

Type II

Such people are generally insecure, and attempt to portray themselves as dependable all the time. Although they say that they will be there for you, this never proves to be true when you need them the most. Your situation isn’t what they really care about. In fact, they won’t even know what you’re going through. All they need is the tag of – “Approved by society”. Watch out .Don’t let them take advantage of you and grab all the attention.

 Type III

If you happen to meet one of these types, all I can say is turn around and run in the other direction! That’s how miserable they can make you feel. Their non-stop illogical advice of how you “should have done stuff” never helps at all. They actually succeed in convincing you that you are the sole reason for all the bad in your life. Steer Clear of them!

Anyway, to be realistic, we all have to face all kinds of people – no matter how hard we try to be careful while making choices.

But what we should actually do is believe in our own decisions and follow our heart.

Things will never be perfect. You are going to mess up sometimes. What matters is having the courage to pick yourself back up and take up the challenge.

Realize. Dream. Face it. Succeed.

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