Find the Good in You


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to everyone!

All hail Lord Ganesh – the one who removes all obstacles from our path and guides us when we are surrounded by darkness; a warrior, a laddoo- lover, a sign of hope.

Today, we celebrate his birth with the beginning of a ten day festival.

This occasion fills our hearts with faith, kindness and love. It is at such moments that we forget all our differences – rather we celebrate them.

We do not think twice before sharing a warm hug and wishing anyone who happens to cross our path. Neither do we think of any of the bad events that may have occurred in the past.

Rather, we come together as one, united by the divine Lord himself, singing and dancing in his praise – reminiscing all that we must thank him for.

But this festival actually sends out a bigger message than just worshiping and celebrating the divine.

Of course it gives us a new spark of hope that good will always conquer evil, but more importantly, it reminds mankind of the most important part of living a peaceful life – “Finding the good in themselves”

Let’s take a moment to understand this. What does this essentially mean?

It’s as simple as this – hold no feelings of ill-will against one another, forgive and forget; treat all as the same, give them equal respect, always be thankful, let go of greed, give someone a helping hand, help those in need.

If we could just follow these gestures, the world would be a better place. Although I know that this does not guarantee the same, but it will definitely make a difference.

Every time even one of us makes a beginning, we must remember never to get disheartened, because it may be the beginning of a revolution.

Don’t hesitate. Give others a chance. Find the good in you. Find the good in them.

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