A Message from the Future


Dear Present Pal,

I know exactly how you feel right now – confused.

The world seems to be a crazy place right? And you probably have no idea of what to expect next.That amazing job you have right now – is it really what you want to end up doing? The cute guy/girl at work you think you like – are they going to be a part of your life? That beautiful house you always walk by each day – will you ever get a chance to live in it? Those dreams of being famous someday – are they going to come true?

Yes, I know these are just a few of the doubts you have in your mind, and you have a good reason to think of them. I can’t really tell you what’s going to happen, because that’s just the way things work in life. And it wouldn’t be fun then right?

All I can tell you is – RELAX, I got it all planned out. Stop overthinking. Start enjoying yourself while you’re in the state that you’re in right now. Forget about what might not work out.

Don’t think about THEN. Think about NOW.

Will always be waiting for you,

Fantastic Future

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