Are We Really Being Human?


Thousands of Syrian refuges being killed. A Saudi diplomat rapes his Nepali maids. Journalists being killed for exposing scams. Countries challenging each other for war. Animals being brutally slaughtered. Governments engaging in “dirty politics”.

Look at what the world has come to!

And yet, we say that we are doing so much to save the planet. Every single day, newspapers, magazines and social media cite examples of powerful and influential big shots of industries donating large amounts of money for supporting causes.

Although this is definitely a noble act on their part, does it guarantee that the world will become a better place?

Is feeding and educating the poor or running campaigns to spread awareness about something the actual solution to end this misery?

To some extent, all of these activities can make a little difference and improve the current situation, but think about it – Who should we really blame for the mess that we are in today?

“OURSELVES” – that is the harsh reality. Hard to believe? Take a minute to observe the people around you. The amount of anger in their hearts. The feeling of revenge. Never ending hatred for something that is now history. Chauvinistic attitude. High levels of insecurity. And to top it all off, excessive greed.

In fact, all of these are reasons for the plethora of devastation taking place today.

Why is it so hard for us to give shelter to people in our home land, despite knowing that they have no other place to live? Why is there no respect for women in our society? What about our right to freedom of speech? Why do we only value our own lives, when the planet was always a home to all other creatures? Where are the government’s promises?

It’s high time we realize that change can never take place unless we make a start individually, by reflecting upon our own thinking.

Let’s try to be more considerate towards all of God’s creations. Let’s be more generous and kindhearted towards the less fortunate. Try and give someone a shoulder to lean on when they have nobody else to look up to.

The power lies within you. Its time for you to decide.

Give them hope. Think better. Start a revolution.


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