Look Around and Keep it Real


Remember the good old days when having a mobile phone was considered to be a big deal? When someone having a flip phone was the talk of the town?

And then came fancy touch screen phones with amazing features.

They offered a wide range of applications which allowed people to do much more with their phones than just making a phone call.

Today, phones are not only seen as tools of communication, but also a means of survival. Gone are the days when we felt alone, because these inventions have become our best companions.

Right from the moment we wake up till the time we go back to sleep, we constantly “keep in touch” with them and also express our “feelings” through regular status updates on WhatsApp. We tell them what we “like” via posts on Facebook. We “follow” people on Instagram.

Hold on. What about the days when we actually made sure that we would meet our friends every evening and chat? Or the days when we said “Keep in touch” to a dear friend who was for some reason moving away, and kept that promise forever. Those random conversations with your mom about what you liked or disliked.

Of course we all love our shiny new-age companions, but at the same time, we cannot deny the fact that we are increasingly losing touch with the real world. The true meaning of talking face to face with people who are different from each other. The joy of chatting with our best friends over a cup of coffee. Talking to our loved ones about what we feel.

Is commenting on a WhatsApp or Facebook status enough to make someone feel better? Is liking their picture actually a sign of expressing your acceptance? Can applications really replace the phenomenal experience of taking on the journey of life and making new companions on the way?

These are the questions that we must ask ourselves.

Personally, I don’t think so. If you feel the same, remember that it’s never too late to make a new start.

Go out there. Make someone smile. Do the things you love.

Because in the real world, that is all that matters.


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