How many times have you come up with an amazing idea and dreamed about it becoming true?

How often do we actually take the decision to implement one of them and take a leap forward?

The truth is, very few of us do.

When it comes to taking chances, we usually prefer to stick to a secure plan which would definitely lead us to achieving something; even if that something isn’t even close to what we desire.

But what exactly is it that stops us from pursuing that one goal? Why do we stop thinking about what could actually be the biggest life-changing moment for us?

The answer is simple.

“What If?” – A question that always leads to a battle between the heart and the mind. It marks the beginning of the end of a possibility, and also forces us to forget about what we actually want to end up doing.

“What if I am not talented enough?”

“What if I don’t look good?”

“What if I don’t like what I order?”

 “What if I run out of money to operate the business?”

Be it as simple as a decision about what to eat to a more complex one which could make or break our career, these two words have the power to change it all.

In most cases, the end result is always something similar to “I don’t think so”.

Yet, despite all the odds, some of us still wonder if things could be different, and if we could actually live our dream. The answer to that is – “Of course!”

But it takes more than this realization to achieve something substantial. Along with the positive attitude, you also need to put in a lot of hard work and be confident. Sometimes, things may not work out even after that effort. But does that really mean that you should give up? “Of course not!”

Success always comes after failure right? This is true in all cases. So, what is it that some people do differently which allows them to win this battle? The answer is “Dare”.

Dare to be different. Dare to take that risk. Dare to desire.

And at the end of it all,

Dare to forget about WHAT IF!

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